Kasco of Idaho offers a turnkey service from when our customers first start the search ring process (deciding where a cell or group of new cell sites should be placed) to the final product and handing over a new site to operations. We provide crane services for transmitter testing, we do excavation, concrete work for foundations and equipment pads, provide generators, ect. We have our own tower crews for stacking towers, lines, and antennas, and personnel fully trained to test this equipment. Our Generator Division provides custom installation for power generation. Kasco of Idaho also provides snowcat services for our customers so they might access any cell site during winter months and/or times when normal vehicle travel is not possible. We provide extensive and ongoing training for our staff to maintain our position as leaders on the cutting edge of telecommunication technology. From raw land builds, co-locates, and tenant improvements, Kasco of Idaho provides a solution for our customers' needs. We are currently licensed in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Alaska and are completing our credentials in Wyoming. Please see the other tabs on this webpage for a better description of our unique and diverse services.

Kasco of Idaho has a full line of excavation equipment, including: Excavators, Dozers, Rollers, Dump trucks, Lowboy services, Rock Hammers, Top Hammer Rock Drills, Wheel Loaders, Material Handlers, Excavators, Skid steer loaders, and Graders. Kasco of Idaho was built from our excavation division. We have an extremely talented staff that is experienced and capable of operating in some of the most difficult conditions and we overcome these challenges to deliver a top-notch, finished product. Whether it is steep, muddy, or rocky, we have a solution. We own all of the aforementioned machinery so we are never waiting on "others" to complete a project on time. In addition to excavation (for all of your cellular needs,) we also provide road building and re-construction, road obliteration, large and small landscape projects, trenching for utilities, simple and complex sewer systems, and the list goes on...we have the knowledge, machinery, and expertise to accomplish amazing final products.




Kasco of Idaho offers an in house generator service, where we provide, installation, repairs, and service. We provide installation on any brand of generator and can service propane, natural gas, and diesel units. We have several load banks for onsite commissioning and trouble shooting. Custom installation has been our specialty in past years, including, but not limited to: rooftops, basements of banks, mountain tops where a generator is the only source of power for cell sites, and in cities where units need to remain somewhat unseen; we also have a state certified electrician in house. We can install a generator virtually anywhere as well as custom ducting for intake air and exhaust, specialty louvers, city water systems for cooling, Kasco of Idaho has the knowledge and desire to make all of your power generation needs a reality. We offer a 24/7 on-call service, supplied with portable units, both diesel and gas, and capable technicians. If you have a remote event requiring power or an emergency power outage, Kasco of Idaho has a solution for your power generation.

Kasco of Idaho offers mountain snowcat access to cell sites and remote locations. During the winter months in the Pacific Northwest, it is sometimes impossible to gain access to mountain-top cell sites without specialty equipment. We have snowcats and off-road equipment that ensure safe travel to and from these summits. During the winter months we use our snowcats for construction and accessing sites for troubling shooting and repairs. Our snowcat service is available from October through late spring; we also offer a variety of back country vehicles for non-snow months when normal 4x4 travel is not an option. Whether you're a cell vendor or another contractor, Kasco of Idaho is ready and eager to provide a wide variety of services to help you get your project done in a timely, cost effective, and safe manner. If it's simply a day trip or months of construction, we have a trained and knowledgeable staff with a 100% safety record. Our snowcats are set up with safety items, as well as food and beverages, to ensure you have a comfortable trip up and down the mountain. Please call for a quote today.

Kasco of Idaho started in early 2000 by providing janitorial service to one of the largest telecommunication companies in the US. In addition to cleaning, this service offers re-fueling of generators, landscaping, weed control, tree removal and trimming, maintenance of water systems, installation of onsite safety equipment, fence installation and repair, installation of privacy slats, security for locks and door repairs, disposal of hazardous materials, environmental cleanup and disposal as well as cleaning and repairing mouse damage to cell sites, equipment and generators. Our site maintenance trucks are set up with all of the necessary equipment to give our customers a one-stop shop. No need for extra trips, we're prepared to handle your needs the first trips, saving you time and money. We also provide Switch maintenance; again, providing these services for the largest cellular companies in the US, we take a lot of pride in having the opportunity to work in and around an active switch. If you are familiar with the telecom industry, you understand the significance and responsibility of working in a switch. We can provide weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual services; in addition, our crews are available for work during the maintenance window for both cell site repairs and switch related items. Both indoors and out, Kasco of Idaho is ready for the challenges presented.


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