About Kasco of Idaho

Kasco of Idaho, formerly Sims Excavation, was started in April of 1998. Keith Sims was the sole owner of Sims excavation and Kasco; in early 2000, Keith had the opportunity to get involved in the telecommunications industry. This led to the formation of Kasco, and in 2006, became the corporation known today as Kasco of Idaho, LLC. Keith Sims continues to manage Kasco of Idaho. In the late 1990's and early 2000, Keith was the only employee; with growth came part-time employees, then a few full-time staff. We've recently moved our operations from our Cataldo facility to a new location in Rathdrum Idaho. The addition of this new facility has increased our productivity and lowered costs for our customers. In the wide, ever-changing world of telecommunications, Kasco of Idaho is able to deliver services from the ground up. There is no project or customer too big or small, and we always give each customer the service and value they need and deserve. Simply put, without you, our loyal customers, there would be no Kasco of Idaho. Our owner often says, "I have no employees that work for me, rather they work with me" and "I've surrounded myself and this company with extremely talented people, and it's my job to watch these people do what they're so talented doing and be mindful enough to let them do it without interruption. I'm humbled and blessed with the staff we have, for these people give us 10 hours a day of their life, 10 hours they will never get back, to ensure we are successful as a company and as a group." It's principles like these that will help us continue to grow and be successful. In the words of our owner, "Nothing ventured...Nothing gained!"

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